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You are an Artist and want to collaborate and be represented by us?


We are always looking for new, fresh art proposals ! 
Our studio look always for new artists to represent from all part of the World ! 
If you may want to send us an e-mail with a short presentation of who you are, your work experience and some of your arts to let us understand your style don’t hesitate to write us at : 

We will value any single submitted art and let you know if your style may be a good proposal for our customers. 
When we value the proposals of an artist we always consider all the shadows of his or her style. 

– Assumption – 

We love to respect the style of any artist and we don’t want to ask to our artists to adapt their works to the customer’s requests. 
All the artists who collaborate with us do their arts following their style. We know the preferences of all our customers and we contact our artists for commissioned designs when we are sure that the style of a specific artist may be liked by the customer. 

The artistic freedom of a designer is our priority! We fully represent The Artist and his or Style !
For these reason we are always looking for new collaborations and new styles to propose to our customers. 

Frequent Questions


Will you ask any type of exclusivity?


We don’t ask for an exclusive representation. 
Any artist who collaborate with us may be represented also by other agents. 
The only kind of exclusivity we ask for is obviously about the licenses. When we sell a design of an artist we obviously need to have the certainty that these design will never be sold for the same license conditions. 
Any artist is free to being represented from the agents he or she want in any Country. 

How long an artist will be represented  ?

We start any collaboration for 1 year. 
In the first year we provide to insert the artist in our galleries and create a personal folder with all the designs. 
We show the arts to our customers and see who may like the style. 
After these term there will be an automatic renew but, if for any reason the artist  want to stop the collaboration, we just need an email or a message where the artist inform us about the decision and we provide to remove these artist from the website. 

Do the artists need to specially create designs to show?

We ask quarterly to our artists if they have any new design to send us and, based on what our customers are looking for in the next quarter, we just do some suggestions. 
For example in September we ask to our Artists if they have new Christmas Designs because our customers are looking for it. 
We don’t ask to do designs only for promotion. We respect the time of the artists and wait for the new designs they done when they have time. If an artist have free time to dedicate at the creation of new designs and ask us a suggestion based on the period requests we are happy to indicate what the customers are looking for but we do not want to make our illustrators spend their time on generic proposals for representation purposes only.
We may ask for specific designs when a customer ask for a commissioned design. 
In these case we value which artist may do the design requested by the customer, show the license conditions and prices and if the artist agree with it we provide to ask for a proposal for the customer. 
That is the only situation when we ask to do a specific kind of designs. 

For other questions don’t hesitate to contact us ! 

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