Frequently Asked Questions

How does the website work?

You may access our online catalogues by opening the “Albums” link above. Images are displayed as a list of thumbnails, distributed in various pages. To view larger versions of a chosen image, click on its thumbnail. 

Do I need to register to have full access to the website?


No. You will always have a full access to the website anyway but we suggest you to register to being able to understand what are you looking for and the kind fo images you need to being able to suggest you any time the must appropriate promotions, new designs and updates. 

The more we know you, the more we can improve the quality of the service we offer you and these is our main goal!


How does the cart work?


Once you have at least one image saved in your cart ,you will need to fill in the required text fields and click on ” Place Order”.  
You may also click on “Pay by Check” and the order will be send to us and after that we will contact you via email for the payment data. 

The mandatory data for shipping need to be write to let us understand where your company is from.

The cart will be auto-saved for 10 days using the Cookies of the website and after that it will be automatically refreshed. 

To being sure you don’t loose the saved items  we please you to send us the request before the 10 days. In these way we may save your request in your folder until you will decide to proceed to the order. You will be always contacted and updated by us via email. 


What about the prices?


The  prices you see when you add the designs in your cart are only Symbolic. 

The price of any design change based on the license conditions. Any Country, item on which you want to apply the design and  the term of the license (how may years of license) affect the price change. 

After you will send the request we will contact you to have the above informations about the license and we will give you the right quotation  based on the market prices. 


Which are the functions of the thumbnails?


When you open a Gallery you may see a preview of the designs inside scrolling down on the page. 

When you want to view better our designs you just need to click on the thumbnail and wait some seconds, after you will have a big image on a black background.

Over these images you will also see 4 different options : 

– Play : you can click on these bottom and cross your arms. All the designs will be shown automatically.

– Informations : you may click on these bottom to see the name/code of any design. 

You may also share the design on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using the social bottoms.

– Comments : you may also publicly comment any image.

– Cart : with these bottom you will see the add to cart options. 

When you want to add a design into the cart you just need to insert one as quantity and press on update cart. If you need just one design after adding it on the cart you may proceed  on the View Cart/ Checkout bottom and you will be redirected to the cart.


Do you sell images for a private use?


We use to sell our designs only to companies that produce and sell on large markets. 

All our customers sell our designs applied on their items at least in One Country into shops, online etc…

We don’t use to sell the designs for personal uses since all our designs are made from artists who spend a lot of time doing their arts and the price required by any artist to sell a design is usually too hight for a singular person who may need it  only for a in-house use. 

We don’t do massive sells as other websites because we give the exclusivity to our customers when they buy an image and, unlike sites where you can download images in bulk, the chosen designs will be only the rights of who take the license.   


Which delivery options are available?

At the end of the order when we’ve checked the availability of the designs, made the eventual modifies required by the customer and confirmed the order we provide to send the hight resolutions files at minimum 300dpi with its layers where available.
All the hight resolution files will be sent via Wetransfer.

You are an artist and want to collaborate with us?

We are always looking for new talented artists who may became part of our family ! 
You will find all the informations you may need into the specific page and also the email where you may write us any other question and send us your artworks for viewing !

Do you have any additional question?

For any other question you have don’t hesitate to contact us via Email at :
or by phone at +393482121231 – Andreea – Sales Manager
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