Our Philosophy

“ DBK Art Licensing is a licensing agency who sells image licenses which are then applied to thousands of products.  We work with so many big companies all around the world who apply our designs on items as napkins, greeting cards, puzzles, textiles and much more.  Thanks to all the collaborations with artists from all over the world we are able to do commissioned designs based on the requests of our customers. We have the possibility to do proposals in many different styles thanks to a wide range of artistic hands.  We’ve always work in a family context and we love to make everyone feel part of our family.  Our company is founded on the passion for design in all its shades and on the respect and protection of the work that our illustrators do.  We care a lot of all the requests of our customers and artists and do our best to satisfy everybody.  We give always the freedom to our artists to do the designs following a guide line on the theme but we ask to draw projects who better represent their artistic imprint.  In these way according to the requests of the customers we have the possibility to locate the artist who may do the best proposal.  In these last years we have always tried to update our ways of work staying up to date to the trend of the moment and update weekly new designs, artists and projects.  We can’t say how we work because we let customers and collaborators judge these but we may guarantee that we put all our passion and our heart in everything we do from talking with people who work with us to all the little necessities of any singular customer.  We hope that anybody may feel part of these family we’ve created and in which we’ve put so much passion and work in all these years of activity.
Andreea and Raffaele Scanziani ”

The Beginnings

Andreina Cozzi was the first was the first to enter the design sector. She worked as a costume designer and screenwriter for the “La Scala” Theater in Milan from 1946 to 1956. After these wonderful experience she want to follow her inner inspiration doing artistic paintings taken from Indian culture for the desire to convey her emotions through drawings.She follow her passion until in India where she lived for so many years and she collaborate to create an intentional community based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo. During these period she also changed her name into Judi and was recognized as the last disciple of Merè, the spiritual founder of Auroville.

Judi's Designs

Judi passed on her passion for drawings and paintings to her son Kennedy encouraging him to express his creativity through the art. He made from these a way of life which he in turn passed on to his children. Initially Kennedy started as a freelance artist who do commissionate designs for greeting cards and illustrations for children books and cartoons. In 1971 he opened his first design studio based in Milan called Kennedy Design Studio and recruit a few talented designers to being able to propose different styles for any new project. During the 70’S the firm collected a lot of collaborations with talented Italian artists and start selling the first designs to customers from other countries in Europe who was looking for particular ans unique drawings to apply on their items. In these years Kennedy’s studio begin to do also projects for advertising of local television networks.Between 80’S and 90’S he start doing the first fairs in Europe where meet also customers from all around the world, thus expanding internationally.In these period it comes also the first Apple computers and the firm started to do a virtual portfolio and entering the IT world with the first e-mails to keep the customers around the world updated on new proposals of the firm.

Kennedy's Illustrated Books

Since then they have grown more and more doing fairs, meeting customers and artists using all the new ways of communication.The company into the 2000’S was renewed totally his dresses and taked the name of Design Bank.They’ve created the first website where they done a kind of window to the world making it easier for all the customers to see the catalogs, new designs and follow all the updates independently.The sons of Kennedy start deal with the stationary industry following their passion and expressing their creativity through drawing.They beging doing fairs with their father and going deeper and deeper into this fascinating branch.All the family starting to work harder to publicize the firm using the net possibilities, meeting the oldest customers and introducing new market producers trying to take how much teachings as possible. Lately into 2013 the firm was re-launched on the market with a new version, name and a refreshed portfolio of collaborators. Kennedy’s sons, with his supervision, started collaborations with new, young and fresh designers and keep the firm to another level.The firm was renamed DBK Art Licensing and Design Studio and this has thus united all the categories of illustrations and drawings created up to that moment.